Behind the scenes - Page 7

Opportunity Hacks

Thanks to a declining economy and the brilliant maneuverings of my boy Gee Dubya, social services are being cut left and right. I had a state prevention grant, which promptly got hacked two months before production was scheduled to begin. The day I got cut, I called Brant and told him I had some great news: I was full-time on the project.

Brant was struggling, too. A dot-com casualty himself, he had recently declared bankruptcy and was struggling to make ends meet. He was working a newfound full-time job at a design firm and moonlighting as movie producer. So, having a full-time producer (i.e. me) was just the boost we needed. I abandoned my family and hopped on a plane to SF.

My wife has always supported my filmmaking endeavors and has encouraged me to follow this passion with everything I have. My kids, on the other hand, were not quite as understanding. They had no idea why daddy had to bail for two months and, despite a few visits here and there, they were heartbroken. I knew there was a light at the end, but the tunnel just kept getting darker. Nobody said this shit would be easy.