Behind the scenes - Page 5

Chomping at the Bit

Brant and I worked our asses off to try and shoot in the summer of 2002. But, despite the urge to go for it, we knew we weren't ready. And we wanted to do it right this time. I knew this was a timely story and didn't want to get beaten to the punch (sure enough a handful of graff films did in fact surface in 2003), but I also wanted to do it right. If this film didn't do something for me and my family (i.e. make a new career for myself), I didn't see too many options that didn't involve a chair and a rope. So, we decided to continue developing the script and the company for another year. Production was set for July 28, 2003 (a date that never moved; deadlines rule!).

We busted chops for another year. It was a constant struggle, given my situation (full-time job, wife and kids, and an 800 mile distance between me and my business. Thank god for e-mail). I was so far away from everything and had been removed from the graffiti scene for so long, I was starting to feel that something was missing.

Right on cue, Brian came on in early 2003.